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M48t08-150PCI (Phillip's CD-i Repair) by DukeOnkledPLZ M48t08-150PCI (Phillip's CD-i Repair) :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 3 2
The Best End of the World EVER
Dear Buttasses;
Dhis is gonna be da best end of da world eber!
Me an' my faborite mask 'abe been throwin' a party for a few days an' we also inbited DA SUN!
Da Sun is kinda late to da party, but he's finally gonna be here in just a few more hours or so!
I'm so fuckin' exited! We're gonna eat cupcakes wifh da moon, da sun, Martin Lufher king Junior, Abraham Washington, Weegee, Cinderella, da Four Giants, Mister mcgoo, Tubac, Father Time, Apple Bloom, Walouise, lampoil, Mister Ed, Bambee, James Bond, James Rolfe, Pesky Plumbers an' da others.
It's gonna be da badassest party eber! And you aren't inbited.
Love, Duke
:icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 0 2
DA Muro DrawPLZ  thing. by DukeOnkledPLZ DA Muro DrawPLZ thing. :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 1 1 King Harkinian Miiverse by DukeOnkledPLZ King Harkinian Miiverse :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 10 2 RariDuke by DukeOnkledPLZ RariDuke :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 8 9 Duke Onkled Kills Link by DukeOnkledPLZ Duke Onkled Kills Link :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 8 6 Duke Onkled Borrows the Triforce by DukeOnkledPLZ Duke Onkled Borrows the Triforce :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 4 8 Flash: What is MERCY? by DukeOnkledPLZ Flash: What is MERCY? :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 47 16 Da INTERNET is now BANNED in Gamelon! SOAPY PEEPEE by DukeOnkledPLZ Da INTERNET is now BANNED in Gamelon! SOAPY PEEPEE :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 8 12
MLK's Other Other Dream
"I had a dream that Fortran had a dream that Me, Duke Onkled, Missingno, GHirahim and Tingle were hangin' out at da movies watchin' Twilight when suddely our friend Ghirahim starting crying. Being this bein dat dis is my dream about Fortran's dream, FOrtran asked "what is wrong?" den Ghirahim repilied, "I can't believe dat I am hangin' out with my sexy buddies and we are watching a scary vampire movie." Ghirahim continues, "I hate scray vampire movies 'n' we should be doing something happy."
Just then Fortran woke up from his sleep and went on to do his daily routine of riching when suddenly his best friends Me, Duke Onkled, Missingno, GHirahim and Tingle appeared and started helping him to rich.  Later our friend Waluigi appeared and said "Gimmee dat rich, bitch!" 'n' I said, no. You must earn your riches like all da other the black kids, white kids, gray kids, yellow kids, pink kids, clear kids, green kids, albino kids, blue kids 'n' any other color kids, butthole."
:icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 2 5
Preview of a Work in Progress by DukeOnkledPLZ Preview of a Work in Progress :icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 13 6
Martin Luther King Jr's Dream
Martin Luther King's secret Dream
Did you know that Martin Luther King held a secret speech about a secret dream about secret events involving people with secret Identities and Me 'n' mah boiz? Bet you didn't.   
   Anyway, Martin's speech goes a little somethin' like this;
       "I had a dream, that Duke Onkled, Ushrom, Tingle, Gay Luigi, Mama Luigi, Weegee, Waluigi, IM Meen and Dr. Robotnik were all riding a posessed Bomb train from TLoZ: Spirit Tracks and were headed in a deadset path to run down Voltaire who was tied down to the spirit tracks.
Then out of nowhere, comes Superman, Spiderman, Megaman, Batman, Pacman, Rayman, Ultraman,  LizardMan, Heman, Jumpman, and the green lantern in order to save Voltaire's sorry ass.    They get in the way of the demented train to box it. They fail and get ran over, and so does voltair and krypto the super dog and
:icondukeonkledplz:DukeOnkledPLZ 6 22



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Duke Onkled Hyrule
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Dear buttass;
Mah name Duke Onkled, an' I'm da king of Gamelon. I'm sure you know me well from one of The Legend Of Zelda games or from famous Youtube videos.

Love, Duke.
Dear buttasses;

Dhis was da best Friday da thireenth eber! It's mah faborite holiday and dhis one was extra lucky!

It started out where I broke Euridice's ugly mirror and she was almost sad, but dhen mah Canadian friend who is a hockey playing lumberjack showed up to bring a new one!
What a nice guy!

He's a bit clumsy, dhough, 'cause he slipped and cut off my arm like a buttass. It didn't matter much, because I was planning on getting a new one today, anyway.

Another fun thing is that I let a bunch of friendly black cats cross da street.

Love, Duke


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1 / 9,001
I need some of your points! Militron and Mouser hacked my Deviantart account of all of it's points while I was scrubbing all the floors in Hyrule. They used them to buy Deviant t-shirts which they made into turbans that they crapped on and burrrrned. Then they put out the fire with perfectly good piss and Volvic Water. Help me!

(Actually, I will use the points for a good cause. But it's undisclosed.)

BTW, I'm just asking for the amount of points that were stolen. Help a poor king out, would ya?

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:icontraitorplz::iconsaysplz:Yes my leuge.
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